When Can Landlords Enter a Tenant’s Home in New York?

It’s not always easy to be a renter in New York. This is because landlords are skeptical about what is going on in their units. While their concern is understandable, it doesn’t give them the right to invade their tenant’s privacy and frequently enter their homes. Many landlord-tenant disputes occur because they have different opinions on these rights. If you are a renter in NYC and feel that your landlord is wrongfully invading your home, it’s critical to hire a landlord-tenant lawyer who can speak on your behalf to remedy the situation.

New York Laws

The state of New York has strict rules on when and how a landlord can enter someone’s house. One instance in which they can do so is in the event of an emergency. This can include a fire or a broken water pipe. When it comes to emergencies, the landlord can enter the home without consent. If they need to make a repair, they must provide you, the tenant, with reasonable notice. If the landlord needs to show a home to prospective renters, they must give you a 24-hour notice.

Also, landlords may only enter the home at reasonable times – usually during business hours. Your landlord cannot just show up and demand to come into your residence. If you are having issues with your landlord, a landlord-tenant lawyer like ours can represent you and obtain a favorable outcome for the situation at hand.

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