What Is a 30-Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy?

To evict a tenant, the tenant must receive a written notice before any holdover case can be implemented. If you have to give you tenant a notice, you must give them the right one for it to be legal. A commercial real estate and landlord-tenant lawyer can help you draft the proper written legal document that can be delivered right away to your tenant.

What Is a Notice of Termination?

If the tenant never had a lease, or if they have a lease but you collected rent after it ended, you must give them a notice of termination. If you want to evict a tenant who did something not allowed by the lease, you must first give a notice to cure before a notice of termination.

In New York, a notice of termination is given to a tenant to end their tenancy. The notice will tell them the reason, the date that they must move by, and that a case will be started if they don’t move by this date. This gives the tenant at least 30 days’ notice to leave. The last day in the notice is the last day of the rental period. Taking the rent after this termination date will restart the tenancy and the (at least) 30-day process.

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