Steps Landlords Should Consider Taking to Protect Themselves from Harassment Claims

Landlord harassment occurs when a property manager or landlord creates a situation where a tenant feels so uncomfortable they want to terminate their lease agreement and move. This harassment is illegal. Unfortunately, some landlords have turned to this technique to get tenants to move out of rent-controlled units in New York City. This behavior is common in many major cities. A professional landlord-tenant lawyer can help individuals navigate these types of situations.

Being accused of harassment is serious. Landlords need to be cautious of this, as they could be violating lease terms in the signed lease agreement. This could lead to legal trouble.

Unacceptable Behavior from Landlords

Some examples of behavior that isn’t acceptable and could be considered landlord harassment includes:

  • Shutting off utilities for harassment or eviction
  • Taking away services in the lease
  • Entering an apartment without proper notice
  • Changing locks
  • Offering to buyout a tenant if they move, or threatening to evict them if they say no
  • Threatening bodily harm
  • Refusing to do repairs required by law
  • Disturbing a tenant’s peace and quiet
  • Interfering with a tenant’s privacy
  • Refusing to acknowledge receipt of rent

These are just some of the actions that, as a landlord, you should avoid doing to protect yourself from harassment claims in the state of New York. A landlord-tenant lawyer can inform your tenants’ rights so that you don’t breach any of their rights. If your tenants are accusing you of harassment, you will want to take detailed notes of any interactions. Also, try to find a witness to join you to record these interactions.

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