Protecting Your Business Against Commercial Lease Problems

It’s difficult to find commercial space in and around New York. Options are limited and rent prices can be high. If you found a place to establish your business, you surely understand how important it is to protect yourself with the best commercial lease. Commercial leases can be negotiable. This means that you can pursue specifics terms that may benefit your business and protect you in the future. However, this can require aggressive legal representation from a commercial real estate lawyer with years of experience.

What Is Included in a Good Commercial Lease?

A good commercial lease requires knowledge of the law, something that our commercial real estate lawyer has. He is also familiar with commercial tenant rights in New York and has experience dealing with difficult landlords. Before you sign any commercial lease agreement, it’s essential to evaluate it with an experienced attorney. They can help you to seek terms that may be fairer and even better for your business.

You will want specific terms regarding rent, including rent increases and how often these will occur. You will also want to establish which party is responsible for repairs. The lease should say how long it lasts and what happens if the tenant breaks it early. A clear description of the property that is for use by the tenant should be included too. Other policies regarding alteration of the building, or who is responsible for remodeling could be added as well.

A commercial lease is important when it comes to renting space. By taking the necessary time to review the agreement with an experienced lawyer and thinking before you sign, you can help avoid arguments in the future.

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