New York City Holdover Commercial Tenant Attorney

New York City Holdover Commercial Tenant Attorney

For almost 50 years, commercial landlords and commercial tenants in New York have turned to trial attorney Michael Mantell for guidance with their landlord/tenant disputes. If you are dealing with a holdover tenant issue, Mr. Mantell will use his extensive experience, hard-work ethic and close attention to your needs to help protect your rights during your case.

Contact Manhattan attorney Mantell for representation and guidance through your commercial landlord/tenant dispute. Holdover tenant issues can cost the parties involved thousands of dollars every month. Mr. Mantell understands this urgency and works hard to resolve commercial holdover issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Nonpayment Proceedings Lawyer

At Michael Mantell's New York law firm, he represents both commercial landlords and tenants in issues regarding nonpayment proceedings, Yellowstone injunctions, evictions, and many other commercial real estate matters.

If you are a landlord in need of assistance with a holdover commercial tenant, New York lawyer Michael Mantell will work to get the eviction process moving as quickly and effectively as possible. He will assist you if your commercial tenant has held over past the end of their lease or if the tenant is in a breach of the lease.

Protection for Holdover Commercial Tenants in New York

If you have been served with a nonpayment proceeding notice or a summary holdover proceeding notice, it is important to have a holdover commercial tenant lawyer in your corner. Michael Mantell will spend time listening to you and your needs. He will then work hard to build a case that obtains you the maximum amount of time allowed under New York law for you to stay in your current location.

Contact Michael Mantell in New York City

Contact a Manhattan nonpayment proceedings lawyer by calling (212) 750-3896 to schedule a confidential consultation about your commercial holdover tenant issues.