New York Co-op and Condo Dispute Lawyer

New York Co-op and Condo Dispute Lawyer

When people run afoul with the management of real estate cooperatives or end up in a dispute with a condo association board, resolving matters often requires more than the parties to a dispute realize. From separating and isolating personal issues from financial ones to reviewing relevant documents and providing experienced advice on appropriate legal action, attorney Michael Mantell is prepared to make a difference in the outcome.

Almost 50 Years of New York City Real Estate Experience

Whether the dispute is a routine matter or a significant concern impacting your real estate investment, Michael Mantell, Attorney at Law is a knowledgeable New York real estate law firm that can handle your issue. He is committed to providing experienced, effective results in co-op and condo disputes involving:

  • Lease violations
  • Violations of bylaws and covenants
  • Disputes with co-op and condo boards or management
  • Neighbor disputes
  • Payment disputes
  • Dispute arbitration

Co-op and condo conflicts can be emotionally driven issues where personality differences often make matters worse. Mr. Mantell knows how to help keep clients focused on important economic issues in a conflict, such as whether the cost of pursuing matters is worthwhile financially. His goal is to save his clients time, effort and money while protecting your property rights.

Protecting Clients Against Unfair Co-ops and Condo Boards

With almost 50 years of experience handing residential landlord/tenant conflicts and commercial real estate litigation, Michael Mantell is a skilled negotiator offering proven strategies for resolving matter through practical means before resorting to litigation as a last resort.

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Most real estate matters in New York are complex. When Michael Mantell is representing your interests, you can feel confident your matter will receive the attention it needs to be brought to an efficient resolution. Contact his Manhattan law office by email or by calling (212) 750-3896, to schedule a confidential consultation about your real estate litigation needs.