New York City Yellowstone Injunction Attorney

New York City Yellowstone Injunction Attorney

Once a landlord files a notice to cure, claiming the tenant is in default on his or her lease, the tenant has 10 days to cure or file for a Yellowstone injunction. Dealing with these proceedings requires speed and due diligence on the part of your attorney. You can rely on commercial landlord/tenant lawyer Michael Mantell and his almost 50 years of legal experience to properly protect your interests in court.

Contact New York attorney Michael Mantell for help with your commercial landlord/tenant issues. Mr. Mantell has earned a reputation as a highly skilled courtroom advocate, and a tough and thoroughly prepared negotiator. He has the knowledge required to properly represent both commercial tenants and landlords.

Lease Default Lawyer

When a landlord seeks to terminate a lease because he or she believes there has been a default, the tenant has a conditional right to a Yellowstone injunction from the court. The Yellowstone injunction temporarily prevents the commercial landlord from terminating a lease and allows the tenant a certain amount of time to cure whatever issue the landlord is claiming is in default.

Avoid Lease Forfeiture in New York

If you are a commercial tenant who has been served with a notice to cure, a Yellowstone injunction may be the appropriate next step for you. Mr. Mantell prides himself on the close personal attention to his clients' needs and will help you decide the best course of action for you and your business.

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Contact a Manhattan lease default attorney by calling (212) 750-3896 to schedule a confidential consultation about your commercial real estate litigation needs. New York Yellowstone injunctions require acting fast, so do not hesitate to call for advice on your unique situation.