Manhattan Business Ownership Dispute Attorney

Manhattan Business Ownership Dispute Attorney

New York City Business Transaction Dispute Lawyer

Business ownership disputes can arise quickly and because of any number of reasons. The problem with business ownership disputes is that they often directly impact the productivity and profitability of the business itself. The internal problems also can impact relationships with customers, vendors, and other external contacts.

At the law office of Michael Mantell, located in New York, New York, when business ownership disputes surface, we are here to help rectify the problem by presenting the owners with legal options and avenues and then helping them execute sound decisions. To learn more about how Mr. Mantell can help you, contact us today.

Attorney Michael Mantell has almost 50 years of experience handling all types of business ownership disputes, including:

Whether you are embroiled in a partnership dispute or a family business you gained through inheritance, Michael Mantell is here to advise you of your rights and how the courts will treat your matter. He believes in educating clients about the benefits and risks of pursuing litigation and what may be accomplished through other means, such as negotiation or commercial arbitration. Mr. Mantell understands the limitations of the court system and believes in presenting clients with the most economic options that will also protect the future interest of the business, such as the reputation and relationships with vendors, clients, and other businesses in the community.

Michael Mantell believes in only pursuing cases that are legitimate and have merit. He is conscientious when it comes to billing and strongly believes the best approach is to be as straightforward as possible with clients.

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