New York City Commercial Tenant Right's Attorney

New York City Commercial Tenant Right's Attorney

You have worked hard to establish yourself and your business in the location you currently have. Your customers know you and how to find you. This hard work can be destroyed when a landlord does not properly respect your rights or is attempting to commence eviction proceedings against you in New York.

Manhattan attorney Michael Mantell has almost 50 years of litigation and commercial real estate experience. He will use this knowledge to properly defend your tenant rights in court. Contact his litigation law firm for a consultation.

Lease Agreement Lawyer

Business tenant attorney Michael Mantell will listen to your side of the story and build a case surrounding your unique set of facts. He keeps your interests as his number one priority and will work with you to find out every possible defense that can be asserted in your case. He works with clients who have many commercial tenant rights concerns, including:

If your commercial landlord is suing you or trying to evict you, it is important to have a hard-working and compassionate tenant rights lawyer in your corner.

Obtaining the Maximum Amount of Time for You

Location is important to a commercial tenant and Mr. Mantell knows it. He will fight for you in litigation and in negotiations to secure the most time in your current location as allowed by law. Every situation is unique, and the defenses that can be asserted will vary; that is why it is important to consult with a commercial tenant rights attorney quickly in order to ensure all of the proper steps can be taken in a timely manner.

Contact Michael Mantell to Protect Your Commercial Tenant Rights

Contact a Manhattan lease agreement attorney by calling (212) 750-3896 to schedule a confidential consultation about your commercial landlord/tenant needs.